What is the Cost of Living in Oxnard, California?

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When you’re selling your home in Oxnard, one of the best things is to provide your potential buyers with as much information as possible. Of course, you’ll want to tell them the incredible features of the home itself, but they’ll also want to know a bit about your area. This step can even go beyond letting them know what school is closest or where the nearest grocery store is. One question you’re likely to get is, “What is the cost of living in Oxnard, California?” We’re here to break it down.

Cost of Living in Oxnard

To get an idea of the overall cost of living, we turn to BestPlaces. They rank cities on an index wherein 100 is the average cost of living throughout the United States. The state of California, as a whole, comes in at 149.9, significantly higher than the national average. Oxnard, however, is a little bit lower, coming in at 138.5. While the cost of living is higher overall, it’s slightly lower than the national average regarding healthcare and utilities.

Cost of Homes in Oxnard

As you might be able to guess, the cost of housing is the most expensive factor a new Oxnard resident will encounter. If you’re thinking, “I need to sell my house in Oxnard, California fast,” pricing it right will certainly help with that. According to Zillow, the typical value of homes in Oxnard is $666,710. This figure is slightly less than the California average, which sits at $717,854. Of course, it’s still significantly more expensive than the average home value throughout the entire country, which sits at $308,220. 

Average Salary in Oxnard

What’s considered expensive to one person might be regarded as affordable to another. What makes the difference? Salary. The average wage, in general, can be hard to narrow down. After all, it varies widely on the given career field, the demand for workers and, the amount of experience an individual has, etc. However, as a rough estimate, the average salary in Oxnard sits right around $71,000 per year, according to ZipRecruiter. This resource also notes that salaries can vary widely here, anywhere from $20,000 to $137,000. The good news is that the job market seems to be quite active here, which can be good news for those seeking a home in the city. 

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