Is It Worth It To Move To Apple Valley, California?

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Apple Valley is a beautiful town that is located in the Victor Valley of San Bernardino County, in the U.S. state of Southern California.

Are you thinking of relocating soon? Apple Valley is a place that is worth moving to because of so many reasons. Some of them are. This article will answer the question, “is it worth it to move to Apple Valley California?”

1. Affordable housing

The housing in Apple Valley is very affordable. You can rent a one-bedroom apartment for as low as one thousand dollars, a two-bedroom apartment for about two thousand dollars. If you don’t want to rent an apartment, you can buy a house for about three hundred thousand dollars. The affordability of houses in the area you want to move into is a factor you should consider, and it offers you that.

2. Not densely populated

Apple Valley is not a densely populated area. If you don’t like living in a very crowded place, it is a place worth moving into. It will be difficult for disease to spread in a place that is not densely populated easily.

3. Good climate

Apple Valley is a place worth moving into because it has a semi-arid climate. It has hot and dry summers with cool winters. Also, it has seasonal high winds that happen during spring and fall. July is usually the warmest month, while the coolest month is in December.

4. Great recreational centers

It would help if you had time to rest and hang out with people to stay healthy. And it would help if you had good recreational in the place where you live to provide you with that most times. Apple Valley has a popular Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area where people from different places visit to enjoy the quietness it provides. You can enjoy participating in different outdoor activities in the recreation area like biking, horseback riding, hiking, and even swimming in Silverwood Lake.

It also has a Golf Course, a fantastic 18-hole championship course with beautiful scenic views. Plus, you find a driving range, tennis court, and pro golf shop on-site. The Golf Course also has a club dining area and lounge where you can sit and eat delicious meals after playing games. The High Desert Center for Arts is a place where you can enjoy different live performances.

5. A safe and serene environment

Most people like Apple Valley because of the quiet and serene environment it has. If you like staying in a serene environment, you will love moving into Apple Valley. It doesn’t have only a serene environment, and it is also safe for you to stay in because the crime rate is low. It has a law enforcement agency that is provided by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. It also has paramedic, rescue, and fire services that the Apple Valley Fire Protection District provides. Another interesting thing about Apple Valley is that the American Medical Response offers patients transportation through paramedic/EMT ambulances.

6. Good schools

If you have kids, you should consider if the area you intend to move into has good schools. And Apple Valley has a lot of good schools whose fees are affordable for kids. It has two comprehensive high schools, different academies, and various private schools. These schools have an excellent curriculum that will suit your kids’ learning process.


Apple Valley is a place that is worth moving to. It has good schools, it is safe, and there are good recreational centers that you can go to to have fun with people. We hope that we answered the question for you, “is it worth it to move to Apple Valley California?”

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