Garage staging tips to help sell your house in Perris California

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Are you trying to sell your house? Many homeowners have made their garage a place for storing stuff they no longer need. Neglecting the fact that their garage is a focal point for many buyers interested in buying their houses. Homebuyers are not just interested in how your home is staged; they are also interested in how you stage your garage.

If you want to sell your home in Perris, California, quickly, you should consider making your garage look attractive because many home buyers see the garage as a vital room in a home.

Also, in Perris, California, there are many houses for sale; if you want to sell your home faster, you need to go the extra mile of staging your garage to stand out amongst your competitors. If you think you can sell your house as-is without paying attention to staging tips for your garage, it will be a big problem.

Below are some garage staging tips that will help you sell your house quickly in Perris, California.

1. Declutter

Decluttering is the first thing you should do when staging your garage. Many of us see our garage as a free space where we can abandon different stuff in. Take your time to check out the things you stored in your garage, get rid of that stuff you no longer need. You can rent a storage space and keep them there. Also, avoid parking your car there so that potential buyers can adequately view it when they come to inspect your property.

If you keep fewer things in your garage, it will make it look more attractive to buyers because most buyers want to know if they will have a lot of storage space to park their cars and other things.

2. Give it a good cleaning

Cleaning your garage will be easier for you to carry out after decluttering it. Homebuyers are more drawn to very clean garages. Put in the effort to sweep the floor, dust every tool or equipment, and pressure-wash the walls and floor. If your garage is infested with spiders, ants, wasps, or pests, do well to get it fumigated. Make your garage space look sparkling clean and insect-free.

3. Polish it with fresh paint

You need to put in the effort to polish your garage with fresh paint, especially if it is old and has oil spills all over it. Painting it with a fresh coat of paint make everywhere look brand new. If the garage floor still has stains, the pressure-washing could not entirely remove, paint it, and seal it with perfect paint. Do the same thing for the walls. Do well also to polish your garage doors because buyers take note of it when inspecting your property.

4. Make sure the lighting is sufficient

Your garage’s lighting is also essential if you intend to sell your house in Perris, California. Nobody likes to stay in a dark place. Ensure your garage is well lit; install new lighting so it can look bright. If your garage seems decluttered, clean, well painted, and bright, buyers would love to purchase your house quickly without wasting much time.

5. Organize it

Your garage doesn’t only need to look clean and well-painted; it also needs to be organized. To keep your garage organized, you can remove things from the floor and shelf them, so you make your garage look spacious. You can either install shelves on the walls or use sturdy rolling shelves.


If you can follow our garage staging tips, you will not have a challenge in quickly selling your house in Perris, California.

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