Is It Time to Sell My House in the Fontana Housing Market?

Sell My House, Things To Know

Sometimes, you don’t have a choice as to when you sell your home. Maybe you’ve got an urgent job offer somewhere else, or perhaps you have to move to help an ailing relative. In these cases, you’ve got to sell your home no matter what the real estate market looks like. However, you might have the freedom to decide when it’s right to sell your home in some cases. So, you’re probably questioning, “Is it time to sell my house in the Fontana real estate market?” We’re here to help you get some results.

Sell My House In The Fontana Housing Market

Average Home Value

First things first: if you sell your house in Fontana, CA right now, how much can you expect to get for it? According to Zillow, the common home value in Fontana as of writing is $560,323. To put this number in perspective, the medium home value for California is $722,406. The prices in Fontana might seem low, but they’re actually incredibly appealing to buyers, and you can still get a great deal for your home regardless of its condition.

Real Estate Market Trends

You can’t just look at what’s happening right now to understand the real estate market. You also have to consider the trends of the market. For instance, we mentioned that the average home value in Fontana is just over $560,000. That figure marks a whopping 25% increase over the past year! When you put it in that perspective, now is an incredible time to sell your home.

According to Redfin, the housing market in Fontana is very competitive, scoring a 73 out of 100 on their Compete Score meter. Additionally, homes tend to sell for around 2% to 5% above the list price! Redfin also notes that the average house in Fontana goes pending in 28 days or so, meaning that you can expect to sell your house pretty fast.

Sell My House In The Fontana Housing Market

You came here asking, “Is it time to sell my house in the Fontana real estate market?” We’d say all signs point to yes! If you list your home now, you’re likely to receive multiple offers and get a deal that’s a bit above the list price. Keep in mind that the sale value of your home can vary depending on your neighborhood, the condition of your house, and many other factors.

If you’re looking to sell your home as quickly as possible, regardless of its condition, think about working with a cash buyer! All you have to do is call for offer. We’ll send someone to look at your home and come up with an accurate estimate for your home. Sellers often get paid in cash in just a couple of weeks! We buy homes in Southern California and would be happy to see how much your home is worth. Best of luck in your selling journey!

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