What is the Cost of Living in San Bernardino, California?

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Whether you want to sell your home or buy a new one, it’s worth investigating the cost of living in your area. Homebuyers will want to know this information to make a sound decision about where they’re relocating. Those who are selling might find this information helpful to give to their potential buyers. One of the questions we get most often is, “What is the cost of living in San Bernardino, California?” We’re here to break it down.

Cost of Living in San Bernardino

California, in general, is considered an expensive place to live, but the prices in San Bernardino aren’t outrageous. The website BestPlaces ranks cities for their cost of living indices, with 100 being the national average in the US. For San Bernardino, Best Places gives the city 110.4 out of 100, slightly more than the national average. However, to put that figure in perspective, the state of California as a whole comes in at 149.9, which is significantly more expensive than average. 

Cost of Homes in San Bernardino

When you’re asking, “What is the cost of living in San Bernardino, California?” you also have to ask about the average price of a home. Zillow reports that the average home value in San Bernardino is $414,135. This figure is quite a bit less than the average in California as a whole, which comes in at a whopping $717,854. The average home value across the United States hits at $308,220, proving that homes in San Bernardino aren’t indeed that much more expensive than the average anywhere. 

Average Salary in San Bernardino

Of course, the cost of living for any individual situation will depend on how much money gets made per household. Keep in mind that, in any city, the average salary will depend on the individual’s chosen field, their experience level, and tons of other factors. Typically, though, the average salary in San Bernardino comes in at around $67,000, according to ZipRecruiter. Wages here have been seen as low as $20,000 or as high as $134,000, and there are all kinds of factors that could impact someone’s income. However, in a typical situation, the average salary in this city is more than acceptable.

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