Maintenance problems are no problem!

Are you looking to sell your home fast, but you have some back maintenance issues with the property? You can either try to find a contractor and wait to fit into his schedule, invest your hard-earned money, supervise the repair, and hope the contractor doesn’t mess up or run away with your money. All while hoping this gets done in time before the market has it down turn, and you have just lost all of your money…

Or you can fill out the small form above and call for offer will buy your home fast, for cash, and on your own terms.

If you are asking how can I sell my Riverside home fast… Call For Offer is the answer.

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About Call For Offer

Our company Advanced Sales, Inc. has been buying, rehabbing, renting and selling properties all over the Riverside and Southern California area for over 20 years. I created my new brand, Call For Offer to compete with Wall St. and Silicone Valley investors trying to buy your property. We are a local, Veteran owned business. My team and I are interested in buying your condo, house, or small apartment building. We are the place to go if you are looking to “sell my home fast”  in the Riverside or sorounding area, we even buy mobile homes on their own land. We pride ourselves on our 5 Core Values: Integrity, Fairness, Flexibility, Convenience & Efficiency, and being Detailed Oriented.

How does this work

Well, let us explain it in 3 simple steps


Provide Info

Fill out one of the forms on our website with the necessary information!


Get An Offer

Once you fill out the form, we will send you a fair offer for your house!



Once you accept our offer, you can move from your house on your timeline.

Why Sell With Us?

At Call For Offer, we have countless years of experience buying houses here in Southern California. We are committed to getting you the most money for your house when you sell with us! Give us a call today, or fill out one of our forms on our website!


Customer Satisfaction


Offers Accepted


Fair Offers


Happy Clients

We Buy All Kinds Of Houses In As-is Condition!








High Taxes

No Equity



Bad Title

Are There Any Obligations?

No Obligations!

At Call For Offer, we do not force you to accept an offer that we make. We simply give you a FAIR offer, and YOU choose whether you want to accept it or not! Call us to know more

How Fast Can You Sell My House?

As Fast As You Want To!

Here at Call For Offer, we close on your time. We can close as little as 7 days or you can pick the closing date!

Why Do Our Clients Love Us?

“I signed a bad mortgage for my house and as a result, I was unable to afford the payments for my house. Call For Offer helped me out of this situation by giving me a good cash offer for my house!”

Steve C

“My husband and I loved our house, but recently the surrounding neighborhood became a bad area. We wanted to move to another location FAST, and Call For Offer understood my problem and gave us a quick cash offer!”

Emma J

“I had inherited a house in Colton, California from my grandparents, but it was too far for me. Call For Offer was able to understand my problem and give me a FAIR cash offer for my house!”

Isabella R

“A smooth and easy experience made stress-free by Call For Offer. They were very accommodating. Everyone was professional, courteous, and empathetic with my difficult circumstance.”

Michael C

Sell Your House In Southern California

If you are trying to sell your home in Southern California, you have found yourself in the right place. We buy homes for cash and disrupt the traditional real estate process. Want a bit more detail about who we are and how we do things differently? Well, we’ll start by telling you we are a different kind of real estate company! Let’s dive in and learn more.

Southern California Home Buyers

Without getting into tremendous detail about the old school real estate process – we don’t like it. A homeowner finds a realtor or attempts to sell on their own. They fix their home up and invite people in to look at it and they make an offer based on what they see. Often times, homeowners and realtors will spruce up the home and stage it to make it look more homey and attractive. The homeowner then waits for an offer and a bit of back and forth. Then the owner waits longer because most buyers need bank finance to complete the process.

What we described sounds like a bunch of work to fix your home up, then waiting for banks and people to decide what they want. And you as the seller get to pay for parts of it, including closing and the realtor.

Sell your home for cash in Southern California

There are many situations in which selling your home for cash to us at is the easiest way to go. The home sale process with Favor starts with deciding to sell your home. 

You’ll want to call us to really get started, as we can’t buy your house until you contact us. Our phone number is 951-400-4373

The next step is to have us evaluate your home through video chat or come visit it in person. Here is one unique advantage to selling your home for cash – you don’t need to do extra showings. Homes selling on the market either get tons of showings right away or make you wait, and wait, and wait for home showings then abruptly ask you to leave so a stranger and their realtor can see your house – being home makes that awkward.

We’ll need you to be around for a little bit to meet one of our home buyers. Our home buyers will look at the details for your house including the condition of everything and bring all that information back to the office.

We then make an offer to you based on the value of your home within your neighborhood. Realtors call this “comps” or comparables. The good news? This is almost the last step! We then make you an offer within a day.

Notice we much we’ve skipped so far? No need to clean up your house and make it perfect. No need to repair small details that future homebuyers will find and request discounts for.


Get Your Cash Offer Today

Buy my house Southern California CA

We understand you might be looking for a reason to sell your homes – or trying to find common ground with the people who sell their homes to us. People can sell their homes because they inherited a house and don’t want the responsibility – or real estate taxes. We’ve also had people going through foreclosure and want to sell their houses to get out faster without bank problems. Others have found a new job and want to move sooner than later, so they choose our process so they have cash in hand for a down payment – and to pay for moving!

Literally anyone could benefit from . Our mission to make selling your home easier, regardless of what situation you are in. You can be fine financially and just not want to work on your home or wait for a traditional buyer to come along. We won’t judge!

Whatever reason you have to sell your home is fine. You need not be in a desperate moment or want to avoid people tromping through your house. Sell your home to because you’ll probably get more money!

Sell my house fast Southern California CA

The easy answer: less than a realtor. We don’t charge realtors fees or closing fees because we don’t need either. Our offer is direct – and cash, and you won’t have to go through the expensive closing process in order to complete your deal. The realtor and closing fees can amount to 10% of your home sale – though in some situations you can make the buyer pay for it – but good luck with that.

Get Your Cash Offer Today!!

Get cash your house in Southern California CA

In case you don’t know what a low ball offer is – it’s an offer that is considerably less than what a home is worth. Some companies and home buyers make a low ball offer in hopes of meeting halfway and getting a discount. We don’t do low ball offers because we know how our customers feel about them, and we don’t need negative word of mouth going around that we offer too little – we would never have a chance! We take our one shot at giving you an offer and get it right.

How do I get started selling my home to ?

Call us at 951-400-4373. Our friendly reps will get you started. The process is quite easy once you begin – you just need to make the first call and we’ll help guide you the rest of the way. Other companies make you fill out an online form and wait for a call back from a representative. Ours are ready and waiting because they don’t take your decision to call us lightly – and because we respect your time.

Get A Free Cash Offer Today

We Buy Houses For Cash In Southern California

Fill out a form or give us a call! We have experts waiting to process your information and give you an IMMEDIATE cash offer. Don’t miss this opportunity to get the most money for your house!

Get Your Cash Offer Now